Managing your email contacts

Without a good contact list, your emails don’t mean much. To have a good contact list, you have to regularly maintain it and make sure the right audience receives the right message. The health of your contact list determines your email open rate, which is a key factor of success when sending emails. So how[…]

Is social media worth the time and the money?

Is social media worth the time and the money?

Social media can be a money pit if you are goals unrealistic. The best way to make social media worth the time and money is to identify realistic goals, reasonable targets, and attainable timelines. Identify your goal to increase customer loyalty, improve customer service, or increase customer revenue. Once you define your goal, select reasonable[…]

To mail or not to mail?

To mail or not to mail ?

The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) came into effect July 1, 2014. This affects any business sending commercial electronic messages (CEMs) to Canadians from anywhere in the world. To email Canadians you will require the two forms of consent that CASL will allow: implied (indirect) or express (explicit). To mail or not to mail? The first[…]


Create that WOW. Get customers talking.

How to WOW Your Customers The basic customer service experience is no longer enough. Consumer expectations are on the rise and people are expecting that WOW. To really create a splash and get people talking about the great services that you offer, you have to create that WOW. Imagine a company that you absolutely love[…]