Managing your email contacts

Without a good contact list, your emails don’t mean much. To have a good contact list, you have to regularly maintain it and make sure the right audience receives the right message. The health of your contact list determines your email open rate, which is a key factor of success when sending emails.

So how do you stay on top of your email contact lists? Here are some tips.

1. Get Consent

Permission based email marketing is the best way to know your audience and to increase your open and click through rates. Getting consent from your subscribers will provide you with clean lists that will give you the opportunity to tailor your message and captivate your audience. Also, provide targeted content to your members and they will open your newsletter. For Canadian email members, ensure your read up on the CASL legislation and know what you have to do for effective permission based email newsletters.

2. Manage bounce backs

There are two types of bounce backs: out of office and failed email delivery. Monitor the out of office bounce backs to ensure email addresses are still valid and out of office messages are only temporary. Remove any email addresses with permanent notices. For failed email delivery, analyze the error and make sure the email list is spelled correctly. If it’s not, update it accordingly. If the failed delivery attempt is true, remove the email address from the subscriber list. Maintain a low bounce rate for an effective email campaign.

3. Manage your reputation

To ensure your newsletter is performing well and users are engaging with it, ensure you monitor any complaints sites. Although these subscribers may not have unsubscribed to your list, remove those email addresses from your list. If you monitor your brand and keep complaints to minimum, your email newsletter will gain subscribers’ confidence and this will increase your open rate. This is also a great way to customize your newsletter content and to remove what doesn’t work for your subscribers.

4. Unsubscribed users

Provide an easy way for users to unsubscribe from your list. Once the email subscriber leaves your list, send them a thank you note for being a member and let them know they can join back at any time. This is great time to offer an incentive to regain their membership.

Manage your email contacts, know your subscribers. By regularly maintaining your email contacts, you manage your brand reputation, maintain a low bounce rate, and create engaging emails, so give it a try.

Need help with your email lists? Let us know. We’d be happy to help.