Email WOW

Do you regularly send your customers updates? If you don’t, you should. Keeping in touch with your customers will help you grow business. If you have consent to email them, there are some simple rules you can follow to create that WOW factor in your emails.

1. Punchy Subject Lines and Headlines

Your subject line is the first thing your customers read. Is it catchy enough for them to open your email? Once they’ve opened your email, do you have punchy headlines that keeps them interested. People quickly glance over emails most times. You headlines are what keeps them reading, so take the time to make them POP.

2. Relevant and Personal Content

Content has to be relevant to your readers or else they will lose interest quickly. Would you read something that didn’t appeal to your interests? It would probably go straight into your trash. Take the time to look at your numbers to see who your customers are and what they value. Develop content that resonates with them. Most importantly, be personable. Address them by their name. Don’t use business talk. More and more, people want people talk, so write to them as people.

3. Strong Offers and Call to Actions

What have you done for me lately? Your email has to offer something that’s relevant to your customers and it should easily spell out what you want your customer to do. Your readers have less than 10 seconds to read your email, so make it easy for them. Spell it out.

More and more emails are ending up in the trash, so take the time to create that WOW factor when you send your customers updates.