Stay in touch with your customers

Whether your new in business or not, the fastest way to grow your business it to keep in touch with your customers. Instead of spending time and money to acquire new customers, focus your time on your existing customers and create remarkable experience for them. Staying in touch can be easy and rewarding. Here is how.

1. Show appreciation

Tell you customers that you are grateful for their business. Offer them price discounts or something free. Offer them a service that will help them simplify their work.

2. Hold events or pay a visit

Face-to-face is very important. It helps build rapport. Pay your clients a visit. Stop by to introduce a new product. Hold a customer appreciation event and ask them how they’re doing and how you can help.

3. Remember the little things

Remembering special occasions goes a long way. Send a happy birthday card. Send a little gift at Christmas.

4. Communicate well and communicate often

Stay in touch with your customers often so that you know what their needs are. Make sure you’re not a burden, so ask them how they prefer to be communicated to and how often.

I love working with companies that take the time to foster the business relationships, build rapport, and truly understand what we do as a business. I find their solutions really work.

Take the time to do the same. You’ll see results.