Get web optimized!

Internet users have become more impatient. Your site must captivate their attention in less than two seconds. Your site must be at the top of search results to get noticed. How many times do you go to page 2 on Google results to get what you are looking for? Not often, I bet.

Using Google Analytics gives you valuable information on keywords that are used to search for your site and the effectiveness of the site content that Google uses to rank it. You also get performance metrics on how quickly your site loads for the end user. With this insight, you can tweak your site content and components for accessing your site to improve the customer service experience.

Page Load Time

To enhance your page load time, identify any code that is taking too long to process. If the code is taking extra time to process, find out if you need it at all, or how to optimize the performance of it. Most codes have an optimized runtime version available to help speed up page load time, so use it.


Slow image loading time is usually a result of using high quality images on the website. To speed up their load time, use an image optimizer to reduce the file size. If an image is blurry after it is resized for performance, the image’s natural quality is low. Good quality images can be resized for performance while maintaining the quality and clarity. Here is a great tool that can help you optimize your images.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is another area where your site will gain relevancy on search engine results. Create easy to read page titles and content. Use meta tags to describe your page content. When using images, use the “ALT” tag to describe them. This makes them accessibility compliant and readable to search engine crawls. Upload a sitemap in xml format to your Google web master profile account. This will provide the site structure to Google for better results relevancy. For more information, Google has published a SEO Starter Guide that is available here.

Keep your site easy to find and fast to load, and focus on quality content that is fresh and simple to read for your audience.

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