What do your web numbers mean?

You have a website and it’s online. Do you monitor the activity of your website so you can improve the customer service experience? Do you evolve it to meet your customers’ needs?

If you don’t have Google Analytics implemented on your website to track your numbers, you should. It’s free and it provides you a lot of valuable information about your website. Implementing is easy. First register for an account on google.com/analytics, register your website and approve your website. You will have to put a verification file on the root of your website. Once you have verified your site, you can embed the Google Analytics tag on your website pages. By putting the code on all of your pages, your site can be monitored using this great analytics tool. Here is a helpful article from Google Analytics that walks you through this process.

So what do all these numbers mean?

Once you’ve logged into your Google Analytics account, you can see real time usage or historical usage of your website. You can see how your site is being accessed, what search words are being used to get to your site, where your site is being linked from, and what your bounce rate is.  You can also see the times of day your site is being accessed and get a full picture of the overall customer experience.

Bounce Rate

Keep an eye on the bounce rate. This is the number of times a visitor comes to your website and navigates away from it without clicking anything. You want your visitors to stay awhile, so make sure this number is low.

Page Loads

You can also see how quickly each page and asset on each page loads. With this information, you can make changes to the pages that are slow.  Compress a heavy image or a video to improve the visitor’s experience and make sure they don’t quickly leave.

Your Content

Your numbers can help you see which content people are looking at frequently and which content is not so useful. With this information, you can make changes to the information on your website and tailor it to what your visitors are looking for.

Your Home Page

Another great feature of Google Analytics is the home page view. It shows the percentage of usage for each link on the home page. With this information you can cater the navigation of your home page to the most popular content and features of the website.

Google Analytics is a great tool that helps you simplify your website and make educated changes to the site to drive business initiatives and improve the overall customer service experience.

If you don’t have Google Analytics on your website, integrate it as soon as possible. The more information you collect, the quicker you can make decisions to improve your website content and design.

TIP: Make sure your website is easy to search, quickly loads on all devices, simple to navigate, and easy to read.

Are you using Google Analytics to track your website’s performance? Need help? Let us know.